Faustina II; AE Sestertius; Venus
Description: Faustina II (145 - 175 AD). AE Sestertius, Rome mint 149-156 AD. FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL; draped bust right / VENVS, Venus standing left, holding apple and dolphin-entwined rudder, S-C.
Diameter: AE30 mm
Weight: 18,76 g
Grade: gF/gF
Attribution: RIC 1388b; Cohen 268; BMC 2148
Commentary: brown-grey patina, scracer youthful portrait
History: The Roman sources give bad report about Faustina accusing her of adultery with sailors, gladiators, Roman officials.
Article Number: 060-02-03-42384
75,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.