Commodus; AE Sestertius, Rome; Minerva with trophy
Description: Commodus (177 - 192 AD). AE Sestertius, Rome mint 189 AD. M COMMOD ANT P FELIX AVG BRIT P P; laureate head right / MINER VICT P M TR P XIIII IMP VIII COS V DE - S VI; Minerva standing left, holding Victory and sceptre, shield before, trophy behind, S - C.
Diameter: AE29 mm
Weight: 16,44 g
Grade: gVF/VF
Attribution: RIC 544
Commentary: green patina with some darker patches, sharp details, some nicks on edge
History: Minerva was of Etruscan origin and became identified with the Greek Athena.
Article Number: 046-02-01-41652
365,00 €
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