Mesopotamia, Edessa, Septimius Severus and Abgar VIII
Description: Mesopotamia, Edessa. Septimius Severus (193 - 211 AD) with Abgar VIII (179 - 214). AVTOKRA CEOAHROC; laureate head of Septimius right / ΑΒΓΑΡΟC BACΙΛΕΥ; bust of Abgar right, wearing tiara, scepter before.
Diameter: AE21 mm
Weight: 5,32 g
Grade: VF/aVF
Attribution: BMC 14; SNG Cop 196
Commentary: olive patina with sandy deposits
History: According to the tradition of the Syriac Church, the Osroene Kingdom (with Edessa as capital) was since 206 AD the first officially Christian state, over 100 years before Constantine's edict of toleration.
Article Number: 011-04-05-41652
90,00 €
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