Antigonos II Gonatas; head of Herakles/youth on horse
Description: Macedonian Kingdom, Antigonos II Gonatas (227 - 239 BC). Head of Herakles right in lion skin headdress; countermark / B-A, naked youth on horse pacing right, ANTI monogram below, monogram right.
Diameter: AE18 mm
Weight: 4,26 g
Grade: aVF/gF
Attribution: SGCV II 6787
Commentary: some deposits, well centered
History: The domain of Antigonos was invaded by Seleukos, Ptolemy, Lysimachos, Pyrrhos and the Gauls; he succeeded against all odds and kept his kingdom for nearly 50 years.
Article Number: 006-04-07-41652
35,00 €
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