Magnus Maximus; AE2 Lugdunum; emperor with kneeling female
Description: Magnus Maximus (383 - 388 AD). AE2, Lugdunum mint. D N MAG MAXIMVS P F AVG; pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / REPARATIO REIPVB; emperor standing left, raising kneeling female, S in right field.
Diameter: AE23 mm
Weight: 5,32 g
Grade: VF/gF
Attribution: RIC IX Lyons 32
Commentary: grey-brownish patina with some deposits, good portrait
History: Magnus Maximus plays an important role in traditional history of Britons and Welsh, with some evidence in existence, that he actually may be responsible for settling large number of Roman soldiers in Brittany.
Article Number: 059-07-01-42384
45,00 €
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