Egypt, Alexandria, Diocletian
Description: Egypt, Alexandria, Diocletian (284 - 305 AD). BI-Tetradrachm, dated year 1 (284/5 AD). A K Γ OYAΛ ∆IOKΛHTIANOC CEB, laureate and cuirassed bust right / Tyche reclining left on lectisternium, holding rudder; L A (date) above.
Diameter: AE23 mm
Weight: 4,02 g
Grade: aVF/VF
Attribution: Dattari 5766; Milne 4756; Emmett 4083
Commentary: scarce; brown patina with light contrasting deposits
History: The so called Pompey Column - largest monolithic colum still standing - was erected by Diocletian in 297 AD, commemorating his victory over the Alexandrian revolt, caused mainly by his edict ending the relative financial autonomy of the province.
Article Number: 061-03-05-42750
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