Cilicia, Anazarbos, Valerian I
Description: Cilicia, Anazarbos, Valerian I (253 - 260 AD). AVT KA ΛIK OVAΛEPIANOC CE; laureate head right / ANAZAPBOV MHTPO Π ΓΓ, ETBOC, AMK; Dionysos seated left on panther, hand raised above head, panther facing right with head turned back left.
Diameter: AE27 mm
Weight: 14,98 g
Grade: gF/F
Attribution: SNG Levante 1517
Commentary: dark brown-grey patina
History: The popular story of Valerian serving, after his capture by Sassanid king Shapur I, as a footstool and finally being skinned and stuffed as a trophy, are probably a legend developed by early Christian writer Lactantius.
Article Number: 030-05-03-41652
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