Manuel I; AE tetarteron; emperor/cross
Description: Manuel I Comnenus (1143 - 1180). AE Tetarteron, Thessalonica mint. MANHΛ ΔЄCΠ-T; half-length figure of Manuel facing, wearing crown and loros, and holding labarum and globus cruciger / Cross with X at center set on three steps, IC - XC in field to either side.
Diameter: AE16 mm
Weight: 2.38 g
Grade: gVF/gVF
Attribution: DOC IV 19; BN II pl. C, 16-17; SB 1976
Commentary: great details for type, green patina, rough flan
History: In 1169 Manuel /with King of Jerusalem Amalric I) unsuccesfully tried to invade Egypt - the largest Byzantine seaborne invasion since such attempt in Sicily 120 years earlier.
Article Number: 014-01-01-44287
155,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.