Constantine X; AE Follis; Christ standing/emperor and empress
Description: Constantine X Ducas, with Eudocia (1059 - 1067). AE Folis, Constantinople mint. +EMMA-NOVHL; Christ, nimbate, standing facing on footstool / EVΔO AVΓ - + R Θ KWN T ΔK ( or similar); Eudocia (left) and Constantine standing facing, between them, labarum with cross on shaft, resting on three steps.
Diameter: AE27 mm
Weight: 8,7 g
Grade: aVF/gF
Attribution: DOC 8; SB 1853
Commentary: grey-brown patina with greenish deposits
History: Eudocia had also on Constantine's deathbed not to marry again, but soon realized that she cannot secure the frontiers of the empire without aid and revoked her oath marrying Romanus IV.
Article Number: 052-06-05-41652
15,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.