AE Anonymous Follis, Class C clipped
Description: Time of Michael IV (1034 - 1041). AE Anonymous Follis, Class C; clipped to 1/3 weight. Nimbate Christ Antiphonetes standing, facing / IC XC NI KA in angles of cross.
Diameter: AE20 mm
Weight: 2,46 g
Grade: aVF/aVF
Attribution: DOC 4; SB 1825
Commentary: scarce example of careful clipping preserving the image of Christ; olive-grey patina, good detail
History: Christ Antiphonetes ("the responder" or "the guarantor") was a much-favored miraculous icon in Constantinople.
Article Number: 016-04-05-41652
80,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.