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Bruttium, Rhegion; AE Pentonkion; Janiform head/Asklepios seated
Description: Bruttium, Rhegion. AE Pentonkion, 215 - 150 BC. Janiform female head, wearing diadems and polos / PHΓINΩN; Asklepios seated left, holding sceptre, Π and tripod left.
Diameter: AE25 mm
Weight: 8,46 g
Grade: F/gF
Attribution: Attianese 1535; SNG ANS 745; HN Italy 2551
Commentary: attractive green-grey patina, decent details
History: The toponom of the city has less to do with our "region" (from Latin regere - to rule) and more with the "break" (Greek ῥηγνυναι) between mainland and Sicily.
Article Number: 022-04-01-44365