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VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.
Theoderic; AE 2 Nummi; head left/monogram
Description: Theoderic (471 - 526 AD). AE 2 Nummi, Rome (mint). Diademed head left / Monogram.
Diameter: AE12 mm
Weight: 1,98 g
Grade: F/F
Attribution: cf. Metlich 79 var.; cf. Bruun Rasmussen 1237, lot 5031, 2012
Commentary: rare; green patina
History: Theoderic's granddaughter Matasuntha was married to Germanus Justinus, a commander and possible successor of Justinian I, whose untimely death ruled out the possibility of a Gotho-Roman Emperor.
Article Number: 054-02-04-41652