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VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.
Germanic tribes imitating Theodosius II; AE4; vows in wreath
Description: Germanic tribes imitating Theodosius II (402 - 450 AD). AE4 uncertain mint. D N THEODOSVS P F AVG; diademed, draped bust right / VT XXX V within wreath; CO(N) in ex.
Diameter: AE10 mm
Weight: 0,78 g
Grade: gF/aVF
Attribution: cf. RIC X 456
Commentary: scarce; rough, rugged flan, brown patina, decent details
History: Theodosius II became Augustus in the tender age of 9 months and held this title for the next 49 years.
Article Number: 021-09-03-42960