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VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.
Constantine II; AE3 Lugdunum; altar with globe
Description: Constantine II (Caesar 317 - 337 AD). AE3 Lugdunum mint 323 AD. DN CONSTANTINO IVN NC; laureate head right / BEATA TRANQVILLITAS; altar described with VOT-IS-XX, globe on top, three stars above; PLG in ex.
Diameter: AE17 mm
Weight: 3,24 g
Grade: gF/aVF
Attribution: RIC VII Lyons 205; Sear 17158
Commentary: rare; dark grey shiny patina
History: After the death of Crispus in 326 AD the young Constantine has been groomed by his father as military commander and yet lost his power and life in probably the first own campaign against his brother Constans.
Article Number: 021-07-07-44365