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Constantine I; AE4 Lugdunum; emperor with globe
Description: Constantine I (307 - 337 AD). AE4, Lugdunum mint, posthumous issue 337-340 AD. DIVO CONSTANTINO P; veiled head of Constantine I right / AETERNA PIETAS; emperor in military dress, standing right, holding spear and globe.
Diameter: AE15 mm
Weight: 1,64 g
Grade: aVF/gF
Attribution: RIC VIII 2 Lyon
Commentary: rare; dark grey patina with contrasting deposits, small flan outbreak
History: After his death in 337 AD, Constantine I was proclaimed divus by the senate, which was more understood as "a dweller in heaven" than as a god and contrary to popular belief, Constantine was not the last emperor to be proclaimed divus - that title goes to Libius Severus (465 AD) in the West and Anastasius (518 AD) in the East.
Article Number: 043-11-01-41652