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Constantine I; AE3 Nicomedia; veiled emperor
Description: Constantine I (306 - 337 AD). AE3 posthumous issue, Nicomedia mint 347-348 AD. DV CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG; veiled bust of Constantine right / VN MR (Veneranda Memoria) to either side of Constantine, standing right, togate & veiled; SMNI• in ex.
Diameter: AE15 mm
Weight: 1,68 g
Grade: VF/VF
Attribution: RIC 57; LRBC 1155; Sear 17469
Commentary: rare; dark patina with contrasting sand deposits, good details
History: The exceptional posthumous role of Constantine in the world in the midst of transformation from pagan to Christian society, led to some remarkable practices - e.g. the Christians sacrificing at statues of the divus Constantine.
Article Number: 057-03-01-42384