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Constantine I; AE Follis, Thessalonica; Genius
Description: Constantine I (307 - 337 AD). AE Follis, Thessalonica mint 308-310 AD. CONSTANTINVS FIL AVGG; laureate head right / GENIO CAESARIS; Genius standing left holding patera and cornucopiae, * and Δ at sides, SM TS in ex.
Diameter: AE27 mm
Weight: 6,24 g
Grade: gF/gF
Attribution: RIC VI 32b
Commentary: scarce; black patina, flat strike
History: The title "son of the augusti" was proposed by Galerius to Constantine and Maximinus Daia, but was never really accepted by them and hence the sparse coinage minted only in Thessalonica and Siscia.
Article Number: 052-05-04-41652