140,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.
Constantine I; AE Follis, Thessalonica; Genius
Description: Constantine I as Filius Augustorum (309 - 310 AD). AE Follis, Thessalonica mint, 4th officina 308-310 AD. CONSTANTINVS · FIL · AVGG; laureate head right / GENIO CAESARIS; Genius standing facing, head left, holding patera and cornucopia, * in left field, Δ in right field; ·SM·TS· in ex.
Diameter: AE25 mm
Weight: 6,82 g
Grade: aVF/aVF
Attribution: RIC VI 32b
Commentary: rare; dark grey patina, minor deposits on reverse
History: The legend reflects the volatile and shifting position of Constantine in 308-310 when Galerius demoted him to Caesar and later, responding to his anger, created for him and Maximinus Daia the title "Sons of the Augusti".
Article Number: 025-08-05-44388